Collecting Motoring Literature

As motor vehicles have been around since the 1880s there are quite a lot of publications that can be collected.  There are books that were published not long after cars were made.  The oldest one in my collection is dated 1894.  Naturally these are now rare, although early magazines are more readily available.

There are many categories of motoring books.  There are the original publications as mentioned, plus many titles have been written on the subject of old cars, or veteran, vintage and classic cars.  Then there is motor sport which includes rallies and trials, both for cars and motorcycles.  As expected the early ones are more collectable.

Histories of marques are readily available, especially the more well known makes such as Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, MG, Porsche, BMW, Ford and Holden, here in Australia.  I am sure other makes are more readily available in their countries of origin.  Some of the larger motor manufacturers publish an in-house magazine.  Ford and Austin, for example, started quite early with pre-World War I copies occasionally turning up.

As well as books, there are brochures, magazines, workshop manuals, handbooks, parts catalogues, motor racing programmes, early advertisements in newspapers and magazines, photographs, postcards, and stamps featuring motor vehicles.  Even road maps and guides fall into the motoring literature section.

Motoring literature also encompasses commercial vehicles and motorcycles, and even farm and road making machinery.  And don’t forget traction engines, as they are classed as motoring for some enthusiasts.  And last but not least of motoring type publication to collect –  model cars.

–From Peter and Caroline of Booksnbits

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